Outstanding Book Award for General Nonfiction – American Society of Journalists and Authors

Lowell Thomas Award – Society of American Travel Writers

Award for Creative Nonfiction – Colorado Authors’ League

“Lisagor and Hansen are well-traveled freelance journalists who write engagingly about places destined for major change in our lifetime.” – Jayne Clark, USA Today

“… the book’s principal mission is to show what we stand to lose, how quickly we stand to lose it, and how we might avoid that.” – Washington Post

“‘Destinations’ takes a journalistic approach, befitting its authors’ backgrounds in newspaper and magazine writing.” – Diane Daniel, Boston Globe

“It’s an important book that should not be underestimated. It should be bought and pondered by all of us.” – Arthur Frommer, The Travel Show with Arthur Frommer (download podcast)

“It’s a compelling read, with a happier ending than you might expect: In each destination, the authors profile concerned citizens working to reverse the disappearance of our favorite destinations.” – Brook Wilkinson, Condé Nast Traveler

“I expected this book to overwhelm me with scientific facts and calls to action to save these places in peril. These elements are included in the book, but the authors kept me hooked describing the majestic landscapes and endless adventure possibilities.” – Lilias Pettit-Scott, Earth Island Journal

” … takes an in-depth look at the environmental hazards facing tourist destinations across the world …” – Jenny Shank, New West

“… Disappearing Destinations is a love story written by two authors well acquainted with the object of their affection, Earth. The bittersweet tone of the book wraps itself delicately around each of the 37 glimpses of our barraged home. But, hope remains. This book reaches gently into the reader’s heart and soul and whispers, ‘You will help, won’t you?'” – Deb Kincaid, Bookloons.com

“Despite all the gloom and doom, the book provides a silver lining … by including what some people in these places are doing to try to preserve them.” – Kat Kerlin, newsreview.com

” … a useful resource for understanding the dizzying pace of worldwide environmental degradation, including helpful lists of organizations working for preservation.” – Publisher’s Weekly Web Exclusive

“… an important documentation of world changes.” – Kate Daniels, Warm 106.9, Seattle

“This guide is definitely different from any travel guide you have seen. This is not another Lonely Planet or Fodor’s, not only because of its unique sustainable approach, but also because it is a call for action that can actually assist in conserving these beautiful places and increase the chances that our children and grandchildren will also be able to enjoy them.” – Raz @ Eco-Libris

“Shows us, with richness and intensity, [how] nearly everywhere that’s precious across the world … is crying out for help.” – From the foreward by Pico Iyer

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